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Since we are dealing with food waste from the start of our organization, it was a small step to incorporate other wasted products as well. In our shop you will find all kinds of products that deserve a second life. Our range of products is ever changing, because we receive daily donations, so come on in and start thrifting! The only place where shopping makes you feel good on multiple levels...

Every dollar spend in Freegans Thrift-store goes directly back towards our community programs.

Do you have donations? Please check our opening times, we accept everything that is still useful and operates correctly.

Too big for your car? You can schedule a pick up from our driver by contacting +1 721 580 5911. Our driver is only available when there is no food to be picked up, and will only pick up goods that are too big for a general car. It is up to the driver to decide if they will take the goods once inspected at the pick up location.

We do not pick up nor accept at the store:                                                               Way to offer:

* building materials,                                                                                                                   * Clothing in boxes or bags

* (small) chemical waste (batteries, paint,etc)                                                            * Loose items in boxes or bags

* Old iron/wood                                                                                                                            * Books in boxes

* Dirty mattrasses (we only accept new, or barely used)                                      * Furniture preferably not dissambled

* Company waste                                                                                                                         * Owner needs to be present                                                                                                       

* Garden ornaments/tiles/etc                                                                                                  at time of pick up      

* too heavy to lift with 2 person materials

* Owner needs to be present at time of pick up!!!

Items for pick up should be ready at the time of appointment on the ground floor. Please gather all items at the same place, easily accessible for our van and staff.

We do not pick up items from inside the house. Our staff and/or volunteers are not allowed to pick up anything from inside a house/apartment/store/garage unless specifically requested beforehand and approved by the manager of the thrift-store. When agreed upon by the manager to pick up items inside your building, any damages are at costumers own risk. Freegan Food Foundation can not be held liable for any damages caused by the moving of donated goods.

Any doubts? Contact +1 721 580 5911 (WhatsApp messages only!!!)

Opening times Thrift-store:

Monday:           Closed

Tuesday:          10AM - 12:30PM      1PM - 3PM

Wednesday:  10AM - 12:30PM      1PM - 3PM

Thursday:       10AM - 12:30PM      1PM - 3PM

Friday:               10AM - 12:30PM      1PM - 3PM

Saturday:         10AM - 1PM

Sunday:             Closed