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We know that if we want to change the world, we have to start with our children.

They are the next generation that will make a difference. On St. Martin it can be challenging to feed your family a healthy meal every day.
After a survey on the island we found that the majority of the children in primary schools do not get their daily required amount of fruits and vegetables. And if they get any, they mostly get bananas. Prices of fruits and veggies are ridiculously high on the island, so a lot of families struggle to feed their children healthy food. 
That’s why we decided to start a school fruit program. Our goal is to provide all primary school children on St. Martin 2 pieces of fruit, vegetables and/or raw nuts, 3 times a week. That is 17 primary school, 4428 children. 

We will start a curriculum about what they are eating, why they should be eating it and how fruits and veggies are a delicious snack throughout the day. So in the future the children will be more healthy and able to make a healthy choice. 

You can help the children by sponsoring the program in various ways: 

1 child for 1 month:        $15
1 child for 1 year:           $150
1 class for 1 month:       $450
1 class for 1 year:          $4,500
1 school* for 1 year:      $40,000
*based on an average of 260 children per school